You are not fat, you have fat. Fat does not define you.

I don’t remember who said it. it was probably Meghan Tonjes, that sounds like something she would say. 

Either way, this has been my mantra for the last 9 or so months. I have to keep reminding myself that I am more than my body weight. Its no good someone else listing off the things I’m good at. So, my advice to anyone (fat or thin) is to look in the mirror and say it over and over again

"My body weight does not define me" 

Take that moment and look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself the things that do define you, the characteristics in yourself that make up who you are. “I am kind to animals, I am a feminist, I am funny, I am a blogger, a reader, a gamer, a knitter, fashionable, a friend, a daughter, a son, a father.” What ever you are tell yourself those things. 

Now you know what you are. Where does your body weight even fit in to those things? Does your body weight effect how kind to animals you are? or how fashionable you can be? or how good a friend you are? No. It doesn’t. 

Anyway, thats my take away. I am more than my body weight. 




British people are just now becoming scene and it’s so funny


I’m never getting over how Britain is consistently 5-10 years behind the US in fashion trends like remember 2007 shows featuring bell bottom jeans and crop tops and 90s hair

remember Rose Tyler

a) I was a scene kid back in 08 b) these guys in the picture are so ahead of their time scene is retro and they’re bringing it back. c) stfu and suck my dick. 


Natasha Cousens

Natasha Cousens creates sculptures that can be considered a new form of taxidermy. Instead of the real thing, her pieces are beautifully crafted wooden sculptures of woodland creatures like foxes, deers, and rabbits. These cute forest dwellers are often embellished with decorative elements such as floral wreaths or guised in an unnatural color; making Cousen’s work soft, whimsical and fun.

that-cunt replied to your post:is there a cat/dog shelter in london i can go to…


great. where? also would you like to come with me?

is there a cat/dog shelter in london i can go to just hang out with dogs/cats? 




so this is a thing

a bunch of moms are making letters+audio recordings of affirming, validating letters to queer/trans people who don’t get that kind of support from their moms

i would say more about it but

im kind of busy in this puddle of tears on the floor so

In case any of my followers don’t have this kind of support from home…

my mom did this and if you need an honourary mother i promise she would be happy to talk to you


Full thing and a detail shot of the Moomins print I had at Otakuthon 2014. This print was 100% self indulgent, I didn’t even intend to sell any (which, to my surprise, some were very excited about)! I’m slowly getting around to posting the new things I did for the convention.

EDIT: because tumblr is a big pile of poo and resizes the first image, here’s a reasonably sized version!

I hope you look for me in everyone else and panic when you realize that they’ll never be exactly the same.
Ten words story: you lost me. (via maisjetaime)



…you’re lucky I’m a stubborn asshole because these took way longer to make than I’d like to admit.

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