get the fuck out of here 

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LMAO ya wow this girl went hard, tbh I almost forgot which was mine when I was making the diptych in photoshop (and to be clear, the left one is mine, made over a year ago, the right one is this Ellen Haswell girl’s. The top tier nests are mine, the bottom row are Georgia Gibson’s and I know those are friends or they show work together or whatever). ya these white feminists won’t let me LIVE MY LIFE. Her and that Georgia Gibson girl, which is like, hilarious 2 me. FRIENDS THINK ALIKE/COPY THE SAME ART I GUESS LMAO. What’s funny to me is that this other girl Georgia sent me an email a minute ago like, last fall, and was like omfg tell me abt u and ur work because we have to make an emulation piece for college n ur an inspiration, which is like, a typical college project and I was obv flattered by this email. but now she like……….shows the pieces she made………..without citing me………and get’s shows/publications off it or whatever………….(of course she deleted them off everywhere now) and when we (the Coven) emailed her abt copying (we thought she was copying Liv and others as well but I guess now we know it’s this Ellen person) she like, said she was in contact with me. like. no. we never agreed on anything and had I known u were bout to make the same piece and call it the same fuckin thing, u think i would’ve answered? anyways, tbh I can’t even stress about this much because it’s just like, these petty young white feminist artists who only wanna talk about boring shit like body hair and vaginas again and again and take credit for brown people’s work and ignore that context when they copy. I honestly feel so disconnected from that conversation at this point, and I made all that body hair work when I was just getting into “feminism” and didn’t know how to talk about srs struggles, like this was before I came out and before I started talking about being a woman of color and all this other SUPER relevant and important shit. I mean, I care a lot about my work. I think it’s really irritating because I worked really hard during that time of my life to make all those pieces, so basically what I’m saying is THANK YOU FOR MESSAGING ME, we (in the coven) have discussed this situation briefly. I appreciate you taking the time out to look out 4 ur girl n my hard working fam in the Coven, esp Liv Thurley because her Weapon piece is actually amazing and for someone 2 get an award after copying her is truly wrong. 

Been waiting for this for so long

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If Daenerys and Margaery were ever to meet, do you think that they woud get along or would there be some tension between them?

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A few outrageous cosplays


The Zim one!

Hey look its Tyler… What an awesome dork.

all im interested in right now is laying in bed and kissing a lot

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